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Quality isn’t just an integral part of the overall value proposition at BLK Lifestyle, it is also a key differentiator. It pervades everything — materials, workmanship, supervision, systems, processes… even ideas.

A unique skill-set at BLK Lifestyle is the ability to expand and enhance the existing corporate quality metrics by adding on additional parameters based on the customer’s quality expectations, thereby going the extra mile to ensure customer delight.

Moreover, for its portfolio of manufactured products, the company has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and established world-class processes to ensure strict adherence to quality norms that are at par with international standards.

BLK Lifestyle is committed to total customer satisfaction, and this is reflected in its quality policy which envisages:
Adherence to global best practices for all manufacturing operations
Meticulous quality planning focussed on matching customer requirements with product specifications
Continuous upgrading of the technical skills of the workforce to ensure flawless execution of every stage of the manufacturing operation
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