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Across the world, hardwood floors are emerging as a very popular choice — and not without reason. Besides their natural elegance, sheer visual appeal and luxurious old-world charm, hardwood floors compare favourably with their ceramic and stone counterparts in terms of their ability to withstand wear and tear. Moreover, unlike carpeted floors, hardwood floors don’t play host to dust, bacteria and mites, and therefore, don’t cause allergies.

Rhapsody Hardwood Floors combine the aesthetic appeal of authentic, real wood floors with brilliant craftsmanship so that every work or living space can express its individualism in terms of style and décor. Even better, the Rhapsody range offers a wide array of wood species and colours. In addition to classic hardwoods — oak and teak — the range includes a choice of hardwood species from all over the world. Along with natural colours, you can also choose a stained finish in colours from light shades to dark finishes, depending on the mood, lighting, accessories, furniture and the other nuances of your overall décor.

Rhapsody also goes that extra mile to ensure that you can embrace the wonder of hardwood without endangering the environment. The materials that go into the making of every Rhapsody floor are sourced globally from renewable forests. These materials are then processed using state-of-the-art environment-friendly technologies developed in Germany and Italy.

Unlike imported wooden floors, Rhapsody is manufactured at the company’s own production facility — this ensures stringent adherence to quality norms and customisation of the product in line with the customer’s needs and specifications. Another key advantage is that unlike other vendors who would source the product from overseas manufacturers, Rhapsody is the only brand that can offer the assurance of consistency across large volumes, across colours and across design variations.

Thus, Rhapsody Hardwood Floors are truly world-class, not just in terms of their looks but also with regard to international quality benchmarks, conforming to the highest European Standards, assuring you of unmatched durability.

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