In contemporary workspaces and homes, a window is a whole lot more than just a fixture. It is a barrier against the elements, an enhancer of lighting conditions, a noise blocker, and an integral part of the aesthetic appeal of the décor.

With Viewscape Smart Window Systems, there are a host of added advantages — the robustness and precision of German engineering and design, and profiles certified to meet ISO 9001 standards.

In partnership with REHAU of Germany, the global innovator in polymer solutions, Viewscape brings you a versatile range of uPVC window systems that offer unmatched quality and performance. REHAU enjoys a track record spanning five decades of global leadership in window systems, and the partnership gives Viewscape a significant strategic advantage in terms of having access to international expertise and a considerable knowledge pool, especially in the domain of producing highly customised window systems.

Viewscape also enjoys a unique strategic advantage in the domain of window systems. Being under the BLK Lifestyle umbrella, the brand enjoys access to the company’s specialised expertise in the construction industry. Thus, its understanding of the technical and engineering aspects of window systems is unmatched.

The range of window systems offered by Viewscape includes the well-known Euro-Slide Sliding System and the Prestige Casement System — unrivalled for their form, function and ease of installation.

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